Practice lessons for license holders class B:
We can only offer these driving lessons on a very small scale at the moment.

Regain your mobility and acquire the necessary confidence to master everyday traffic situations in driving classes that are especially adjusted to your needs.

Our driving lessons are what you are looking for when you have a driving license, but never really developed routine, have not driven for quite a while, are insecure or afraid or feel you cannot master certain traffic situations.

Our driving lessons will make you fit for the road traffic:

  • changing a lane with confidence
  • filtering into the flow of traffic without fear
  • speeding up on the autobahn and when overtaking
  • parking your car without worries
  • mastering big intersections just like that
  • driving in the dark / at night
  • driving in winter on black ice and snow
  • enjoying the comforts of automatic transmission
  • try out automatic transmission

You decide which situations you want to practice.

Our driving instructors accompany you empathically and practice the different driving maneuvers with you at your own speed.

Left-hand side / right-hand side traffic

You are an experienced driver on the other side of the road and the German traffic rules are not always clear to you – this can be changed with us.

If you wish you can do the lessons in your own car. This requires a special insurance, which we charge for.