We advise you all around the conversion of a foreign driving license for class B78 = automatic passenger cars:

As a non-EU citizen you are only allowed to use your national driving license for six months after registering in Germany.
Then you need an EU driving license. The process to get the German license can  take up to a year.
There are different regulations for the various countries. Link: List of Countries
When you have to pass any tests, your first step should be the registration in a driving school.

Theory Test:

You do not have to attend any theory lessons!

The online study material, which you can purchase at our office, is available in 12 languages (English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish and Arabic). You can prepare for the test on your own and give the test in one of those languages. Accompanying study books are only available in English, Russian and Turkish.

The study material we sell also prepares you for the practical test. Videos (Drivers Cam) shows and explain special and difficult traffic situations in your test area.

Practical Test:

You can only give this test, when you have passed the theory test.

There is no binding number of driving lessons you have to do, so called “Sonderfahrten” (country roads, autobahn, night lessons) can be taken, but are not mandatory. Your driving instructor has to be convinced, however, that you are ready to pass the test.

Holders of a foreign license are thoroughly informed about specific German traffic rules. Previous driving experience, right-hand / left-hand driving, the individual ability to adjust to new rules and change old habits are relevant factors to pass the practical test successfully.

Please book driving lessons either directly with the driving instructor or in the office. It is advisable to plan and book well in advance!

Driving lessons begin and end at our Fahrschule in Heßstraße. Thus you are going to drive in the test area and get to know it well.

The practical test is in German. You need to understand directions, other orders and the technical questions at the beginning of the test.

Link: Flyer How to convert your Driver’s License