Christine Timmer Driving School


The registration stop is going on for the time being until the end of the year 2021. We hope to be able to register new students for conversions and fresh up lessons again as off mid January 2022.

There will also be no full training for Class B in the first half of 2022. The current training and conversions as well as the theoretical and practical examinations will continue.

Please note the new regulation for driving lessons. We accept students who are

– vaccinated (2nd shot older than 2 weeks) or

– recovered

Although medical masks are permitted again, we would like to ask you to still wear an FFP2 mask for more safety.

You learn to drive in a quiet and friendly atmosphere and are sensitively accompanied in your learning process.

Whether you are starting from scratch, converting your license from abroad or refreshing your driving skills – we inform and advice you around the regular driving license class B and accompanied driving at 17.

Christine Timmer Driving School was founded in 2000. We are quietly located and conveniently close to the U-Bahn station Theresienstraße U8/U2 and the bus stop Augustenstraße lines 153/154.

Christine Timmer, founder and owner of the driving school, started to work as a driving instructor in 1987 and has run her own business since July 2000.  She is a trained teacher for English and Social Sciences and travelled a lot especially into Anglo-American countries. Theory lessons and driving classes in English for new learners and converters have thus become a vital part of her business.

It is our concern to accompany especially women in their learning processes with devotion and engagement.

Refresher students with little driving experience, fear of inner-city traffic or uneasiness on the motorway regain self-confidence and self-assurance to get back behind the wheel.

Holders of a foreign driving license are informed about the special aspects of German traffic rules and are individually prepared for the practical driving test.

In the training we consider the specific social and cultural backgrounds of our foreign students.

Christine Timmer and her colleague, who works two evenings a week, both teach in English as well. Our teaching methods are flexible and considerate to individual needs. We accompany our clients of all ages – e.g. beginners, converters of foreign licenses, refresher students with little experience – to their goals: the driving license class B or more road safety and confidence.

For the practical training we have two Audis A3 with manual transmission and an Audi A 1 with automatic transmission for more relaxed and laid-back driving.